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Maintaining large scale QML projects​ is hard




      • Weak typing makes refactoring difficult​. "var" properties and variables can contain objects of any type at runtime. In order to figure out if such a property would be affected by a refactoring, the program itself would have to be run.
      • Each component imports its own version of all its dependencies. This makes it hard to centrally upgrade to a new version of some dependency. Furthermore, it's easy to introduce incompatibilities by importing different versions of the same component.
      • QML scoping rules can lead to unexpected side effects​. Names are implicitly looked up in certain parent scopes (but not all) if not found locally. The rules governing this are rather confusing. It's easy to accidentally use a property of the wrong object.
      • Integration with the C++ type system can be cumbersome​. You need to manually register all your types via qmlRegister* calls in some initialization routine. Optimally the registration parameters should be derived from the class declaration and the registration done in generated code.


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