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Some issues with Qt WebAssembly Platform Notes Documentation



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: 5.13.0
    • Fix Version/s: 5.13
    • Component/s: Documentation
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      On this page: https://doc-snapshots.qt.io/qt5-5.13/qtwebassembly-platform-notes.html

      There are some issues:

      • The last list item at the end uses a "table" inside a "list". Actually, this isn't allowed in qdoc, so you will see these warnings if you run "make docs":

      .../qtwebassembly-platform-notes.qdoc:142: (qdoc) warning: Can't use '\table' in '\list'
      .../qtwebassembly-platform-notes.qdoc:142: (qdoc) warning: Cannot use '\header' outside of '\table'
      .../qtwebassembly-platform-notes.qdoc:146: (qdoc) warning: Cannot use '\row' outside of '\table'
      .../qtwebassembly-platform-notes.qdoc:150: (qdoc) warning: Cannot use '\row' outside of '\table'
      .../qtwebassembly-platform-notes.qdoc:154: (qdoc) warning: Cannot use '\row' outside of '\table'
      .../qtwebassembly-platform-notes.qdoc:158: (qdoc) warning: Unexpected '\endtable'

      • What do we mean by "General notes"? The contents of this section read more like "Known Limitations" which is a standard section that developers would take more seriously, especially if we are talking about features that aren't supported.
      • These sentences in a row don't read well:

      Note: There is currently no support for text input using the virtual keyboard. Safari currently does not support wasm modules of the size Qt produces.

      Qt does not make direct use of operating system features and it makes no difference if, for example, FireFox runs on Windows or macOS. Qt does use some operating system adaptations, for example for ctrl/cmd key handling on macOS.

      • The details on supported modules should actually be a real list that developer can read. The convenience code block for them to copy and paste isn't readable if you're trying to skim to see if a particular module is supported.
      • If "Wasm" is a short form, it should be mentioned in the first sentence that describes what this module is, itself. But looking at this topic, there's no introductory sentence at all.
      • The "Known Issues" section looks weird. All it does is say "known issues" 3 times, including the header. Surely it can be written in a cleaner way.


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