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QTextLayout print wrong when the Scale and layout of Windows is 100%



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      Hi guys,

      One of our customer had a problem about Qt QPrinter. Their Qt version is 5.9.7.


      Print to PDF file or you can direct to printer.

      When the Scale and layout of Windows is 200%, it's OK, however, when we set to 100%, The interface effect is not expected. Note that the Resolution is same.

      please see ok.jpg and nook.jpg


      Please see the pdf files to clear see the problem. The customer want to see: for example: whole not w hole

      I also test QTextOption: textOption.setAlignment(Qt::AlignLeft);//AlignJustify

      It doesn't matter.


      I also upload the test code: ArialPrintTest.zip.


      I ran our demo: textedit using QTextEdit, and print are both ok when 200% and 100%. But the customer said QTextEdit  didn't meet their needs, they needed text layout.

      I also asked Andy.Shaw, here is what he said: "
      This sounds like a bug, I tested it with Qt 5.13 and got the same problem, I can't see why it is happening at least as it should be displayed correctly, but even the output to our PDF has the same problem so it seems like a bug. "


      Kindly need your support.

      Thanks in advance!



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