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QQuickRenderControl story when on the QRhi-based rendering path of Qt Quick




      QQuickRenderControl? Offscreen (to texture) rendering? Not supported with the QRhi-based rendering path at the moment. It should be made working for when running with OpenGL at least, in order to enable QQuickWidget.

      • QQuickWindow should get an alternative to setRenderTarget(Id). Likely a function taking a pointer to a native object and a layout, just like createTextureFromNativeObject().
        Internally this needs to be hooked up in QQuickWindowPrivate::renderSceneGraph() and elsewhere. (create a wrapping QRhiTexture, then a QRhiTextureRenderTarget, etc. - passing these to context->beginNextRhiFrame() should take care of the rest)
      • (If/when QRhi becomes semi-public this can be complemented by an overload taking a QRhiTextureRenderTarget directly.)
      • QQuickRenderControl::initialize(QOpenGLContext*) needs a new alternative. Internally this will likely need to do a QSGRhiSupport::createRhi(), like a render loop would do. (but watch out for the case of having multiple QQuickRenderControl instances - these would presumably want to share the same QRhi and co.)
      • QQuickRenderControl::grab() needs a new code path, implementing the readback using QRhi.


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