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Renew G1, G2, G3 labeling of the QtDC supported hardware targets




      The Group 1, 2 and 3 split http://doc.qt.io/QtForDeviceCreation/qtdc-supported-platforms.html is not working for us and we need to renew this. The RTOS and other non-Embedded-Linux OS support is not fitting to the split. Therefore we need to look in how to become smarter on this area. While coming up with a new definitions we need to consider atleast:

      RTOS deliveries needs to be solved then sooner the better

      • Only source code delivery for one reference hardware - This is verified on a specific RTOS version on a specific hardware
      • Always needs Premium support if customer needs support, normal Qt DC Developer License support is not covering support for this? <-- Need to verify against LA 4.1 wording
      • Professional Services needs to plug in to offering for help

      Support statements

      • Standard support for desktop and reference HW + OS combinations
      • Premium support for other, if needed
      • Porting help available for other platforms

      Change on language; "Verified on" and "Tested on" to be explicitly differentiating from Supported...

      Address marketing need to be able to list as many environments as possible?

      How do we list Known Good Working Environments?  

      What does Standard support and Premium support actually mean? Atleast link to definition of these.

      How does the QBSP change this? TQC will be distributing packages provided and tested by our partners and customers may perceive that since we are distributing them they can get support from us.

      Can we deliver TP level support here?

      DRAFT wiki page https://intranet.qt.io/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=51937851 where we will create a new version for this


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