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Popup can leave behind it's dimmer Rectangle



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    • Affects Version/s: 5.10.1
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      I have a scenario where I am using a StackView and sometimes when I am about to pop the StackView, I check if there is any unsaved state on the page that is currently showing. If there is I dynamically create a Popup, parenting it to the current page in the StackView, and if the users wishes they can discard any unsaved changes and proceed with the pop. Doing this will result in the Popup's dimmer rectangle to be left attached to Overlay with it's opacity set to 0.0.

      I need to set the Popup's Z index to be a certain value due to having a use case where certain Popup's may need to be guaranteed to be in a certain order. By doing this it causes this dimmer Rectangle to linger and block input of future Popups due to it getting the Popup's z value. This is easily observable due to clicks not working on future Popups, but also the mouse cursor stays as just the arrow pointer even when say hovering over a TextField indicating something else is still there.


      I've attached a sample project and also two pictures from GammaRay showing the Rectangle that is left.

      To reproduce:

      1. Click the "POPUP" button
      2. Observe you can type text into the text field and see the cursor mouse pointer
      3. Tap outside the popup to close it
      4. Click the "PUSH" button
      5. Click the "POP" button
      6. Click the "OK" button on the popup
      7. Click the "POPUP" button again
      8. Observe the mouse pointer is now not a cursor but instead the normal arrow due to the dimmer rectangle still being over the screen, but with an opacity of 0.



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