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ListView highlight should support rendering between "layers" of a delegate



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      Currently a ListView highlight must appear either completely under or completely over a delegate. That makes it difficult for delegates that are designed with both a foreground and background. For example, the following is intended to show the highlight over the background Rectangle, but under the foreground Text (so the Text always appears white):

      import QtQuick 2.14
      ListView {
          width: 400
          height: 400
          spacing: 2
          model: 10
          delegate: Item {
              width: parent.width
              height: 50
              // background
              Rectangle {
                  anchors.fill: parent
                  color: "steelblue"
              // foreground
              Text {
                  anchors.centerIn: parent
                  color: "white"
                  text: "Item " + model.index
              TapHandler { onTapped: currentIndex = model.index }
          // this highlight should appear over the delegate background, but under the delegate foreground
          highlight: Rectangle {
              color: "#80FF0000"
              z: 2


      While this could be addressed at the view level, it might be interesting to support more generically as well. For example, I could imagine API like:

      Item {
          width: 400
          height: 400
          Rectangle {
              RenderLayer.target: "foregroundLayer"
          Rectangle {
              RenderLayer.target: "backgroundLayer"
          RenderLayer { name: "backgroundLayer" }
          RenderLayer { name: "foregroundLayer" }

      where any item could receive transforms, etc from the normal parent chain, but a custom, "global z value" based on RenderLayer.


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