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CUPS support does not download remote ppd-files



    • Bug
    • Resolution: Done
    • P3: Somewhat important
    • 5.11.0
    • 4.5.3, 4.6.1
    • GUI: Printing
    • None
    • Linux, Ubuntu Karmic and Arch Linux


      The problem appears, when the printer is not installed to the local
      cups-server. For the remote printer following DeviceURI in the
      printers.conf is used:
      DeviceURI ipp://cups.server.ch/printers/PRINTERNAME

      In this case the kdeprint dialog, which uses qtprintdialog does not download the ppd-file of the
      printer PRINTERNAME from the cups server. This means you can't access
      all advanced options (ex in Properties or Duplex Printing).

      A work around is the download the ppd-file and put it into the
      /etc/cups/ppd/* directory. As soon the printer or its configuration
      changes you have to redownload the ppd file by hand. This work around does not
      work with unexperienced user.

      I'm sure, that the problem is not in the local cups installation,
      because the the print dialog from gtk (which uses evince) downloads each
      time the right ppd file an you can access all advanced options without
      the workaround.

      Also this problem occurred on Ubuntu Karmic and also on a Arch Linux


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