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Update function for Fonts after substitution.




      User has requested an update function for Qt application after substituting Fonts.

      It could be similar as QQmlEngine::retranslate() but for substituted fonts.

      Customer use case example has been attached and explanation:


      Download the following fonts and unzip them in your "~/.fonts" Linux
      _* https://noto-website-2.storage.googleapis.com/pkgs/NotoSans-hinted.zip_
      _* https://noto-website-2.storage.googleapis.com/pkgs/NotoSansCJK-_

      Start the application. You will send 3 texts: first text must change according
      to the substitution and the 2 other texts are for reference.

      Here what happened:
      * in ExposedObject constructor, I create a first font substitution from
      "Noto Sans ExtCond Blk" to the japanese variant of the Noto Sans
      CJK font: "Noto Sans CJK JP Black"
      * when I press a key in qml app, I change the substitution from JP to SC and
      I force the refresh of the text with a binding
      * if you define QSG_RENDER_LOOP to "threaded" or do not define it,
      it works
      * if you define QSG_RENDER_LOOP to "basic", it fails applying the

      You can see in function `QFontPrivate::engineForScript(int script)` that the
      'engineData' is 'unref' and created again if the fontCacheId do not match the
      fontCacheId of the current thread.

      With the threaded render loop, when I press on a key, the render loop calls
      this function with a engineData with the wrong fontCacheId, so it creates a
      new engineData with correct fallback families data.

      With the basic render loop, when I press on a key, the engineData has a
      correct fontCacheId, so it does not create a new engineData with correct
      fallback families data. It keeps the old fallback families data and continues
      displaying with the wrong font.

      Even if I do not use the basic render loop with my EGLFS application on my
      embedded linux target, I have very weird behaviors with the substitution
      mechanism which is probably due to the asynchronous work with the threaded
      render loop.



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