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macOS: Native file save dialog crashes if file already exists.



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    • 5.9, 5.12, 5.14
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    • macOS 10.15 (Catalina)
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      In macOS 10.15 (Catalina), the native Cocoa file save dialog will crash if all of the following are true:

      • the user confirms the default filename without modifying it
      • an extension is automatically added to the filename based on the selected filter
      • a file with the same name already exists
      • the user chooses to replace the file when prompted by macOS.

      The following program demonstrates the problem:

      #include <QApplication>
      #include <QFileDialog>
      int main(int argc, char **argv)
          QApplication app(argc, argv);
          QWidget window;
          QString caption = "Save As";
          QString filter = "Plain text (*.txt);;Markdown (*.md)";
          QString path = "Untitled.txt";
          QString selectedFilter;
          QFileDialog::Options options = QFileDialog::Options();
          path = QFileDialog::getSaveFileName(&window, caption, path, filter,
                                              &selectedFilter, options);
          QFile f(path);
          path = QFileDialog::getSaveFileName(&window, caption, path, filter, 
                                              &selectedFilter, options);

      The above program will prompt the user for a filename. If the file exists, and the user agrees to replace the file, the program will crash before the first call to QFileDialog::getSaveFileName() returns. Otherwise, the file will be created. Then the program will once again prompt the user for a filename. Assuming the file creation was successful, if the user chooses the same filename and agrees to replace the file, the program will crash.

      I noticed that QNSOpenSavePanelDelegate does not implement the panel:validateURL:error: instance method of the NSOpenSavePanelDelegate protocol. Adding an implementation of this method in


      seems to solve the problem. It can be as simple as this:

      - (BOOL)panel:(id)sender validateURL:(NSURL *)url error:(NSError **)outError
          return YES;

       At first, my thought was to retain a reference to the NSURL passed to this method, and use that instead of calling [mSavePanel URL], since that seemed to be where the assertion failure was, but I found that simply providing an implementation of this method allowed the calls to [mSavePanel URL] to succeed.

      To be fair, I see this more as a bug in Catalina than in Qt, but I think it would be good to implement this method of the NSOpenSavePanelDelegate protocol, especially since it seems to resolve this issue.


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