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Qml Map with a child Loader, clicks not received by the newly loaded item after sourceComponent changed



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    • 5.14.2, 5.15.6
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      When a Map has a Plugin set and the Map has a child containing a Loader, changing the Loader sourceComponent seems to cause a temporary hiccup with mouse events for a loaded MouseArea. Without a plugin set this problem does not occur.

      Normally the mouse press or release event would reach the loaded MouseArea when the MouseArea is clicked but after a sourceComponent change the first mouse press & release will not do that if mouse cursor has moved after sourceComponent change. On any subsequent clicks the events reach the MouseArea.

      This problem does not occur at least in Qt 5.12.6.

      Steps to reproduce the issue:

      1. Build and run the attached example
      2. Click on "MouseArea 0". This will change the Loader sourceComponent and "MouseArea 0" will be replaced with "MouseArea 1".
      3. Move the cursor a few pixels in any direction
      4. Click on "MouseArea 1" & monitor the logged press & release events => events not reaching the MouseArea


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