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Windows QPA: RegisterClassEx failed when mixing Qt versions with identical Qt namespaces



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    • P4: Low
    • 5.15.1
    • 5.14.1, 5.14.2
    • QPA: Windows
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    • Windows
    • 4857fee0fc6a9b277a779266d521d4dc1ca3bd95 (qt/qtbase/dev) 7efb907b5dc942ed610cbbcd3dacae5f1b2f4b37 (qt/qtbase/5.15)


      You need to create two different *.dll targets with the same Qt package (I have tested it with Qt 5.14.1 and Qt 5.14.2). Load Target_A and all is fine. Now load Target_B and you will end up in qErrnoWarning () in file "qwindowscontext.cpp" in method "QWindowsContext::registerWindowClass".
      ATOM atom = RegisterClassEx(&wc);

      The problem is that Target_B needs to register WNDCLASSEX which are already registered form Target_A. It has worked in previous version (Qt 5.13).

      Here is the problematic bug/source
      const bool classExists = GetClassInfo(appInstance, reinterpret_cast<LPCWSTR>(cname.utf16()), &wcinfo) == TRUE && wcinfo.lpfnWndProc != proc;

      GetClassInfo () will return a BOOL. And the source is assuming it is fine with TRUE. But it is not. MSDN tells us
      "If the function finds a matching class and successfully copies the data, the return value is nonzero."
      In fact the result code is something like 4050. Which is nonzero. A BOOL is defined as an int. TRUE will not help here. The fix is 

      const bool classExists = GetClassInfo(appInstance, reinterpret_cast<LPCWSTR>(cname.utf16()), &wcinfo) > 0 && wcinfo.lpfnWndProc != proc;

      "> 0" instead of "== TRUE"

      I hope that helps.








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