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Some "assets:" paths are convert to "file:assets:" path



    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Reported
    • Priority: P2: Important
    • Resolution: Unresolved
    • Affects Version/s: 5.11
    • Fix Version/s: 5.12
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      In neptune-ui on Android, some "assets:" paths are converted to "file:assets:" instead, this looks like a bug that needs to be fixed.

      E Neptune UI: [CRIT | am.system] Failed to load component assets:/apps/com.pelagicore.climate/Main.qml:
      E Neptune UI: assets:/apps/com.pelagicore.climate/Main.qml:54 Type ClimateView unavailable
      E Neptune UI: assets:/apps/com.pelagicore.climate/views/ClimateView.qml:49 Type ClimateStore unavailable
      E Neptune UI: file:assets:/apps/com.pelagicore.climate/stores/ClimateStore.qml:34 plugin cannot be loaded for module "QtIvi.VehicleFunctions": Cannot load library /data/app/org.qtproject.example.neptune3_ui-Glap2rWZEHt8XVFt9CG27Q==/lib/arm/libqml_QtIvi_VehicleFunctions_qtivivehiclefunctionsplugin_armeabi-v7a.so: (dlopen failed: library "_data_app_org.qtproject.example.neptune3_ui-Glap2rWZEHt8XVFt9CG27Q==_lib_arm_libqml_QtIvi_VehicleFunctions_qtivivehiclefunctionsplugin_armeabi-v7a.so" not found)

      Side Notes:

      In the main() function the Neptune 3 UI from the automatic suite sets a special UrlInterceptor object for the QML Engine used in the Qt Application Manager. The UrlInterceptor class is needed to fixing the issue on Android that adds an invalid file:assets: scheme to some QML file URLs when the scheme should only be just "assets:".

      I zygote  : Late-enabling -Xcheck:jniW System  : ClassLoader referenced unknown path:I QtCore  : StartI Qt      : qt startedI QtPositioning: Positioning startD OpenGLRenderer: HWUI GL PipelineD NvOsDebugPrintf: NvRmPrivGetChipPlatform: Could not read platform informationD NvOsDebugPrintf: Expected on kernels without fuse support, using siliconD vndksupport: Loading /vendor/lib/hw/gralloc.tegra.so from current namespace instead of sphal namespace.I zygote  : android::hardware::configstore::V1_0::ISurfaceFlingerConfigs::hasWideColorDisplay retrieved: 0I OpenGLRenderer: Initialized EGL, version 1.4D OpenGLRenderer: Swap behavior 2D vndksupport: Loading /vendor/lib/hw/android.hardware.graphics.mapper@2.0-impl.so from current namespace instead of sphal namespace.D vndksupport: Loading /vendor/lib/hw/gralloc.tegra.so from current namespace instead of sphal namespace.D vndksupport: Loading /vendor/lib/hw/gralloc.tegra.so from current namespace instead of sphal namespace.W Qt A11Y : Could not activate platform accessibility.E Neptune UI: [CRIT | default] INTERCEPT QUrl("file:assets:/Main.qml") [urlinterceptor.cpp:43]E Neptune UI: [CRIT | default] INTERCEPT QUrl("qrc:/android_rcc_bundle/qml/QtQuick.2.7/qmldir") [urlinterceptor.cpp:43]E Neptune UI: [CRIT | default] INTERCEPT QUrl("file:///data/app/org.qtproject.example.neptune3_ui-qdv3wQdTgWGcxraFz7eshg==/lib/arm/QtQuick.2.7/qmldir") [urlinterceptor.cpp:43]


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