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TableViewItemDelegateLoader.qml throws TypeError with QQmlListProperty model



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    • 5.12.5
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    • Debian testing
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      I'm using qt qml to write OpenGL debugging/performance tools for the Mesa project.

      Lately, the Qt in Debian testing (5.12) throws many errors when rendering TableViews that use QQmlListProperty containers as the model:

        file:///usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/qt5/qml/QtQuick/Controls/Private/o.qml:97: TypeError: Type error

      The table renders correctly in spite of the errors.
      Using a QML ListModel for data does not generate the same spurious output. However, it does emit a smaller number of errors, which can also be seen in the piles of TypeErrors:

      Model size of -3 is less than 0

      The product that is generating these errors has been stable for many years and is used by graphics developers to find OpenGL perf/rendering issues on Intel and Freedreno Linux platforms.

      A tiny project to reproduce the bug:


      Repro Steps:

      1. git clone https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/majanes/qmlhack
      2. cd qmlhack
      3. meson setup build
      4. ninja -C build
      5. ./build/hack

      I can hack TableViewItemDelegateLoader to drop the hasOwnProperty call, which is triggering the noise for QObjectList models.

      I understand that TableView has been re-written.  That version is not yet packaged in Debian.  Seems like an easy bug to fix.


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