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Image that should not be seen is visible.



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      I am attaching a snapshot to show what is being displayed

      The image with the lighthouse and the smaller green image is the problem.
      The little green image should not be seen.

      I start with a QML object I call the Card_frame. It contains nothing but
      the "width, height, scale, and visible" attributes. I use this object to provide a standard
      size for all images (hence the name frame).

      The image on the right is the results of placing the "green image" inside
      of the Card_frame. I works correctly.

      The "green image" is a series of three imbedded rectangles
      ( green background, colored rectangle with radius that produces the dark circle,
      and a third rectangle to produce the "dot")

      The object that contains the error is a
      Card_frame in which are imbedded two other Card_frames.
      Each of the Card_frames have an image imbedded in it.
      One is the green image. There other is a photo image.

      The Card_frame that shows the image has the visible attribute set to true
      The Card_frame that shows the green image has the visible attribute set to false.

      Yet the green image is still displayed.
      I used the debug tool and checked all of the visible attributes of all nested
      elements from the imbedded Card_frame down to the rectangle creating the
      "dot" circle. They all have their visible attributes set to false.

      Yet the image still appears. I don't know why or where it is coming.
      The smaller image means that it is applying the scale value in the
      Card_frame that includes the image. Yet that Card_frame has the
      scale overridden to 1.0, just as the Card_frame of the image displayed
      behind it. Only the photo images should be visible.

      This bugs me, because I can create a simpler project in which
      the Card_frame with the two imbedded Card_frames, as the
      elements of the project and the project works correctly.

      I copy the files from the first project (with the error) to a new project
      and it works correctly in the new project. I don't know what is going on.


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