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Yocto Dunfell WebEngine does not render html input (dropdown) properly



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    • 5.14.2
    • QPA: EGLFS, WebEngine
    • None
    •  Intel Apollolake E3900. Vaapi and gles2 support is enabled, when displaying "chrome://gpu" hardware acceleration is enabled.
      Yocto dunfell with meta-qt5(dunfell) and meta-intel(dunfell),
    • Linux/Yocto, Linux/Other display system


      I am experiencing issues when displaying HTML sites with select (dropdown) components. There are two bugs:

      The first bug is, the dropdown opens, but does not show any content, just a blank field. I am able to just tap on the blank field to pick one option. The option will be choosen correctly. So the content is there, it is just not rendered.

      The second bug is, the field that opens after tapping onto the dropdown is only on the right position, when the webengineview fills its parent environment. When it does not, there is an offset where the empty field is opened. It seems that the absolute position of the dropdown field is calculated to the frame of the "window" not to the webengine widget.


      The issue can be reproduced when going on ebay.de and trying to use the drop down for the categories.


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