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Reading all BTLE characteristics in discovery leads to errors



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      From the Interest mailing list, by Roberto Viola: http://robertoviola.cloud/

      Hi, i'm developing a central app on android and ios that connects with several types of devices (most of them are fitness machinery).

      I'm facing a simple issue and I would like to ask you why Qt has this behaviour.

      The issue is that some bluetooth peripherals don't allow to read some characteristics or same descriptors even if they are marked as readable.

      I know that it sounds like a peripheral bug, but there are a lot of firmware written in this way and we can't change them.

      Infact, nrfconnect app (that i guess has more bluetooth experience that Qt had ), doesn't read all the chars and descriptors during the discovery process, so i guess Qt should do the same.

      Looking at the code on Android, i guess the responsible of this behavior is this function: scheduleServiceDetailDiscovery.

      So the question is: could i safely remove this one? I mean, the side effect of removing it should be that I will not have the values of the charts and the descriptors in the very beginning phase, but of course I could always read them after the init phase.

      If you want I could provide a hci snoof of a buggy peripheral.

      Thanks in advance.

      Roberto Viola
      Software engineer and open source enthusiast

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