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CreateDIBSection Failed,app crash when move window from second screen to prime screen while resize



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    • 5.15.2
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    • windows 10 64bit, qt 5.15.2, vs2019 32bit
    • Windows


      my comuter OS is window10 64bit, QT version is 5.15.2, Compiler is msvc2019 32bit, IDE is vs2019, qt addin version is 2.7.1。

      it has two screen。

      the first screen is 4K, scaling ratio is:250%,screen resolution is 3840*2160。

      the second screen is normal  LED screen, scaling radio is:100%, screen resolution is 1920*1280。

      When I move my app window from second screen to first second, the app will auto quit,vs2019 will show the qt crash stack.

      the param of size is 2750*1800(QBackingStore::resize(const QSize &size),but the param of size change to 6875*4500(QWindowsBackingStore::resize(const QSize &size, const QRegion &region)。6875*4500 is more than 3840*2160(the first screen resolution), it is over the screen max width and height。

      so  i think funtion of QHighDpi::toNativePixels not judge the size of the current screen max width and height.


        1. 1 my notebook_os.png
          1 my notebook_os.png
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        2. 2 primary_screen2.png
          2 primary_screen2.png
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        3. 2 primary screen1.png
          2 primary screen1.png
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        4. 3 second_screen1.png
          3 second_screen1.png
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        5. 3 second_screen2.png
          3 second_screen2.png
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        6. 7 output.png
          7 output.png
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        7. code1_QWindowsNativeImage.png
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        8. code2_QWindowsBackingStore resize.png
          code2_QWindowsBackingStore resize.png
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        9. code3_QBackingStore resize.png
          code3_QBackingStore resize.png
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        10. crash_stack.txt
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        11. QtMyDialog.zip
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