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FastInnerShadow scales verticalOffset wrong



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      An InnerShadow with fast set to true uses an FastInnerShadow. The FastInnerShadow doesn't apply verticalOffset correctly.  It is scaling it based on width instead of height. So the more you have a non 1:1 aspect ratio on your source, the more distortion you will see.

      Note: This is not an issue for GaussianInnerShadow.

      I've attached a screenshot of the issue and the source code to reproduce it.  The left side uses the GaussianInnerShadow and is correct; all four rectangles have the proper inner shadow.  The right side uses FastInnerShadow and boxes B and C are distorted; B is stretched while C is squished.  But A and D are correct because the Rectangle is a square.

      From FastInnerShadow.qml, lines 72-83, in Qt 5.15.2:

      72.    ShaderEffect {
      73.        id: level0
      74.        property variant source: sourceProxy.output
      75.        property real horizontalOffset: rootItem.horizontalOffset / rootItem.width
      76.        property real verticalOffset: rootItem.verticalOffset / rootItem.width
      77.        property color color: rootItem.color
      79.        anchors.fill: parent
      80.        visible: false
      81.        smooth: true
      82.        fragmentShader: "qrc:/qt-project.org/imports/QtGraphicalEffects/shaders/fastinnershadow_level0.frag"
      83.    }

      On line 76, verticalOffset is being divided by width instead of height.  Changing line 76 to...

      property real verticalOffset: rootItem.verticalOffset / rootItem.height

      ...fixes the issue.


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