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Mac: drop-downs don't work when in the right or bottom and QT_SCALE_FACTOR is used



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    • 5.12.10, 5.14.2, 5.15.2
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    • macOS


      We use Qt inside Adobe Illustrator. Illustrator offers custom UI scaling on top of OS scaling. We use QT_SCALE_FACTOR to have the extra scaling also in our Qt UI.

      When QT_SCALE_FACTOR is set (and > 1.0) the following issue occurs on macOS:

      When a drop-down is close to the right or bottom edge of the screen, then clicking on the drop-down does nothing, instead of showing a pop-up with all the entries.

      Namely, when QT_SCALE_FACTOR is 1.5, then it is the right resp. bottom 33% of the screen. If it is 2.0, then it is 50% on the right and 50% at the bottom.

      The rootcause: QWindow uses the logical coordinates, whereas QPlatformWindow and QCocoaWindow use the screen or native coordinates. Therefore when passing coordinates between these 2 objects, they need to be converted to or from native,

      Therefore, I believe the call window()->setGeometry(geometry()) in QCocoaWindow::initialize() is wrong. Instead, something like window()->setGeometry(QHighDpi::fromNativePixels(geometry(), window())) should be called.

      Patches for Qt 5.12.10, 5.14.2, 5.15.2 are attached.


        1. qcocoawindow.5.12.10.patch
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          Jan Patera
        2. qcocoawindow.5.14.2.patch
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          Jan Patera
        3. qcocoawindow.5.15.2.patch
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          Jan Patera
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