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Validate use case of qmlimportscanner returning info about a qml plugin without a CMake target



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      A new CMake code path was introduced in qt6_import_qml_plugins at


      to try to find a qml plugin's location and link to it even if no CMake target is available in scope for that plugin.

      I think this could potentially happen in 2 cases:

      1) qmlimportscanner finds a qmldir of a plugin, while it's associated CMake package was not automatically found by find_package(Qt6Qml) nor manually found by a find_package(UserProjectQmlPluginPackage)

      2) No cmake package was ever created for the plugin and the plugin was built in a different project. The current project qmlimportscanner could find the qmldir for that plugin by specifying a custom import path to search for, but the CMake target is not available.

      In both of these cases, we'd need to generate a plugin_Import.cpp file with a Q_IMPORT_PLUGIN, compile it and link it to the user shared library or executable.

      I'd like to remove this code path for now, so that we only use pre-built initializer object plugins as implemented for regular qt plugins at https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTBUG-92933 ; basically build and ship the Q_IMPORT_PLUGIN object library when the static qml plugin is built, rather than building the importer when the user project consumes the plugin in a possibly different cmake project.

      User projects would then be forced to properly package their plugins if they intend to user them across different cmake projects.

      A new warning will be issued in those 2 scenarios.
      We can revisit if those use cases are valid later.


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