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(qmltc) Support build infrastructure around object-creation compiler



    • 01d84ffc7 (dev)


      = done

      = to be done

      qmltc must be integrated into the QML's CMake API:

      • The output of qmltc is .h and .cpp files that represent the compiled code
        • Executables: these files become part of the binary, allowing to #include the header file and build/link the definitions in the cpp file as part of the normal C++ compilation
        • Shared libraries: on top of just becoming a part of the binary, extra things are required
          • .h files become part of the "public includes" (CMake thing)
            • two case to consider here!
              • .h files generated by qmltc and  
              • .h files written by the users!
              • should both be handled in the same way?
          • generated code must be exported thus Q__EXPORT macro is required for each generated class. most likely, every binary would need own *independent export macro (to avoid collisions)
          • CMake-specific "flags" (a.k.a. target properties) might be required to distinguish qmltc-processed libraries from all others
        • Static libraries: similar to shared libraries. Might require additional care but, in general, rules are the same.
        • Applicable to all: qmldir of the qmltc-processed target must be available to qmltc (otherwise, type information may be missing)
      • QML module interaction
        • linking a user project against a QML module automatically requires the usage of that module's qmldir AND C++ include directories (if there are C++ bits exposed to QML)
        • qml files (source code) of the module must be available to qmltc, meaning:
          • source code has to be available
          • (optional) list of compiled QML files (e.g. in a CMake target property)
        • for better user experience we might want to only deal with QML modules that are qmltc-processed ("there's an explicit flag that qmltc had compiled parts of that module OR the module's QML files are not used by qmltc")
          • or at least reject modules that contain .qml files if the module was not compiled by qmltc
      • The CMake API of qmltc must either be embedded into qt_add_qml_module() or rely on that function's meta information
        • there's an implicit dependency on qmldir generation


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