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Javascript code causes segfault in iOS when using Qt debug library



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      I am getting a crash when using the Qt debug library and testing in iOS devices. It does not happen in simulators, it does not happen on the release Qt library.

      Essentially, my application segfaults while executing my Javascript code. I was not able to create a minimum case scenario for this as I don't really understand which code path is triggering it. However, I can reproduce it 100% of the time in the sample app I created for the library I work on, the code is available here. If you execute the linked sample on an iOS device and click the "Submit ping" button on the app, you will be able to see the crash. It happens immediatelly.

      I am currently using Qt 5.15.2, but I checked and the same crash occurs in Qt 6.3.

      From the investigation I have done, the crash seems to be caused by a null reference created on this line. I am eager to hear your assesment on this though, and curious to know if there is any workaround I can apply on the Javascript code temporarily so as not to hit this crash.


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