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Broken rendering on Qt 6.2 Android arm64-v8a



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      Just upgraded from 6.1.2 to 6.2 as I was looking forward re-integrated Android extras (and of course bug fixes) and discovered that rendering on Android 64-bit is completely broken. Some things are rendering correctly, but, large parts are missing display elements or are simply the wrong color.

      Figuring that this couldn't have possibly made it past QA, I reduced the problem down to a very simple app that displays a single green rectangle on a blue background and the problem still repros:

      On armeabi-v7a, the rectangle is green (correct).
      On arm64-v8a, the rectangle white (wrong).

      Maybe I'm missing something, but, if I'm not, I can't see this being anything other than a critical issue. I've been unable to find a workaround.

      Please see attached screen shots and minimal project.


        1. screenshot-1.png
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          Laszlo Agocs
        2. screenshot-2.png
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          Laszlo Agocs
        3. test-green-rectangle.zip
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          Nicolas Sterling
        4. test-green-rectangle-arm64-v8a.jpg
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          Nicolas Sterling
        5. test-green-rectangle-armeabi-v7a.jpg
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          Nicolas Sterling
        6. test-red-window.zip
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          Nicolas Sterling
        7. test-red-window-arm64-v8a.jpg
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          Nicolas Sterling
        8. test-red-window-arm64-v8a.txt
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          Nicolas Sterling
        9. test-red-window-armeabi-v7a.jpg
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          Nicolas Sterling
        10. test-red-window-armeabi-v7a.txt
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          Nicolas Sterling
        11. test-red-window-trace-diff.PNG
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          Nicolas Sterling

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