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Split qtlocation repo and move QtPositioning into a new repo



    • Move QtPositioning to separate repo


      qtlocation repo now contains QtLocation and QtPositioning modules.

      The scope of this task is to move QtPositioning into its own repo. This is needed to ensure that qtlocation module development can be uncoupled from qtpositioning module packaging. Currently enabling the building of the Qt Location module in the qtlocation.git repo cannot be done without automatically packaging Qt Location for the next Qt release. The release packaging cannot distinguish the two modules within the same repo.

      Below is a list of things to be done:

      • Request a new qtpositioning repo.
      • Clone all the code from qtlocation into this repo, including all the branches and tags.
      • Remove all the QtLocation-related things from the new repo.
      • Create a CI configuration for the new repo.
      • Update .gitmodules in qt5.git, and also dependencies.yaml in other repos (if needed).
      • Make sure that the various bots know about the new repo.
        • cherry-pick bot, submodule update bot, Jira issue closure bot
      • Make sure that all the changes to QtPositioning in the old qtlocation repo are merged to new qtpositioning repo as well.
        • incl new tags and branches etc
      • Do all the necessary release-related activities (so that the release is built based on qtpositioning repo, not on qtlocation).
      • ...


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