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Can't use Apple Pencil with Qml controls



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      I'm developing an app that needs to use an Apple Pencil to do some drawing with it.  It's a very common thing for users to use buttons, drop downs, sliders, (etc.) with their stylus instead of a finger.


      • When trying to tap a button with an Apple Pencil, the button will be "stuck" and not clickable until the user users their finger to press the button
      • The user can open dropdown/comboboxes, but they cannot select items.  They also get "stuck" and user user do this with multiple options.  The dropdown/combobox doesn't close when an item is selected
      • When using a Dial, the user can move the dial around, but the dial doesn't get "unselected" when they lift the Apple Pencil up


      To see this behavior happen, I'd recommend using the Qt Quick Controls 2 Gallery example: https://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qtquickcontrols-gallery-example.html


      This is a very critical problem for the usability of any app that can be used with a stylus.

      I'd also recommend double checking if this is broken on Android as well, with a device that has support for a pressure pen.  (E.g. with a Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 or S6).

      I've got a Windows 2-in-1 that has a built-in Wacom pen; I'll test that. On Windows 10, I am able to use Qml controls w/ a Wacom tablet pen.


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