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      New Features


      Feature Proposed Action       Issue       
      Camera2 vendor extensions
      OEM-provided custom camera effects are now exposed directly in the platform.
      No action.
      This is not for creating, but for using vendor camera effects.
      Quad bayer camera sensor support
      New platform APIs provide support for ultra-high-resolution camera sensors.
      No Action.
      Usable only for high-end camera apps. Android only?
      Updated toggles for compatibility testing
      Individual behavior changes can be toggled on and off for more granular compatibility testing.
      Interesting for tooling.  QTBUG-99561
      Keeping companion apps awake
      Android 12 introduces new APIs to keep companion apps running the entire time the companion device stays in range.
      Research and Implement?  QTBUG-99562
      Companion Device Manager profiles
      Companion device permissions can now be bundled into profiles to simplify the enrollment process.
      No Action.
      Only for watches for now.
      Bandwidth estimation improvements
      Bandwidth estimates now use all-time weighted averages to improve accuracy for both Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity.
      Can be interesting for QNetworkInformation QTBUG-99565
      Wi-Fi Aware (NAN) Enhancements
      New APIs and configuration options improve efficiency and fault tolerance for Wi-Fi Aware.
      Can be interesting for QNetworkInformation  QTBUG-99566
      Concurrent Peer-to-Peer + Internet Connection
      Supported devices can now maintain simultaneous Wi-Fi connections to a peer device and the primary internet-providing network.
      No action.
      This is for P2P connection for IoT devices over Wi-Fi.
      Enable screen off for NFC payments
      Apps can now enable NFC payments without the device screen being turned on.
      No Action.  N/A  
      Automatic app updates
      A new API method allows installer apps to perform app updates without requiring user confirmation.
      No Action.
      This uses PackageInstaller
      API which is not used in Qt
      Device chipset information
      SoC chipset vendor and model information are now exposed via the SDK.
      Research usefulness. Also, check if it is android only. QTBUG-99581
      Updates to core Java APIs
      Android 12 introduces support for an number of core Java APIs.
      No Action.  N/A  
      Provide apps direct access to tombstone traces
      Native crash tombstones can now be accessed without using adb.
      Interesting for tooling. QTBUG-99584
      AVIF image support
      Android 12 introduces support for the AVIF image format, providing better image quality at the same file size.
      Research usefulness. Also, check if it is android only. QTBUG-99585
      Easier blurs, color filters, and other effects
      A new API makes it easier to apply common graphics effects to views and rendering hierarchies.
      No Action.
      This API is used for View.
      Native animated image decoding
      The NDK image decoding API now decodes all frames and timing data for GIF and WebP files.
      Research for the usage of NDK Image decoding.  QTBUG-99586
      Compatible media transcoding
      Videos encoded in modern formats can now be converted automatically for playback in apps that do not support those formats.
      No Action.  N/A  
      Performance class
      Performance classes provide a simplified expression of device capabilities that can be used to provide tailored experiences.
      Research of how can we use this new class.  QTBUG-99587  
      Video encoding improvements
      Android 12 defines a standard set of keys for controlling the quantization parameter for video encoding.
      Research of how can we use the new parameters.  QTBUG-99588  
      Audio focus
      Android now enforces a fade-out when an app that's playing audio loses audio focus.
       No Action.  N/A  
      MediaDrm updates
      New API methods make it simpler to determine whether a secure decoder component is required.
      Update current implementation.  QTBUG-99589  
      Privacy Dashboard
      Android 12 introduces a new system settings screen that shows access history for the location, camera, and microphone data.
      No Action.  N/A  
      Bluetooth permissions
      Android 12 introduces new permissions that let apps scan for nearby Bluetooth devices without requesting location permissions.
       Interesting for QtBluetooth. QTBUG-99590
      Permission group lookup
      Apps can now query how the system organizes platform-defined permissions into permission groups.
       Research and implement. QTBUG-99591
      Hide application overlay windows
      Android 12 introduces a new permission that allows apps to hide overlay windows that are drawn by other apps.
      No Action.  N/A  
      Known signers permission protection flag
      Devices and apps can now grant signature permissions to other apps without having to sign them at the time of device manufacture.
      No Action.
      Looks interesting but just for edge cases.
      Device properties attestation
      Starting in Android 12, any app that targets Android 12 or higher can verify device properties that are in an attestation certificate.
      Research usefulness. QTBUG-99592
      Secure lockscreen notification actions
      Apps can now require authentication whenever specific notification actions are invoked on a locked device.
      No action.
      Useful only for notifications.
      Localizable strings for BiometricPrompt
      Android 12 introduces new APIs to retrieve localized, user-readable button labels, prompts, and setting names for biometric authentication.
      Research and Implement. QTBUG-99593  
      New directory for voice recordings
      Android 12 introduces a new directory to store and identify voice recordings.
      Implement by adding a new directory to other common directories? QTBUG-99594
      Media management access
      Android 12 introduces a new permission that allows apps to move, modify, and delete files without showing a confirmation dialog each time.
      No action.
      Permission useful only for some apps.
      App storage access
      Apps can now create a custom activity that allows users to manage the app's data on the device, and expose this activity to file managers.
      No action.
      Allows a app to create a activity to allow other apps to manage his data.
      Extended file access support
      MediaStore now supports expanded APIs for media URIs.
      No action.
      The framework is not using these methods.
      Widgets improvements
      Android 12 comprehensively revamps the visual behavior of app widgets.
      No Action.  N/A  
      Rich content insertion
      Android 12 introduces a unified API for inserting content from any source: clipboard, keyboard, or drag-and-drop.
       Research and implement.  QTBUG-99595  
      App splash screens API
      Android 12 introduces a new splash screen API that enables a customizable app launch animation for all apps.
      Research usefulness. QTBUG-99596  
      Rounded corner APIs
      Android 12 introduces new APIs that retrieve the radius and center point for rounded corners.
      No action.
      The rounded corners are not for QML/Widgets.
      Rich haptic experiences
      Android 12 introduces new haptic effects and more granular actuator control.
      Research usefulness.  QTBUG-99597  
      Android 12 introduces a high-performance on-device search engine as a system service.
      Research usefulness.  QTBUG-99598  
      Game mode
      Android 12 introduces a new API that allows users to optimize game experiences for performance or battery life.
      Research usefulness.  QTBUG-99599  
      Picture-in-Picture (PIP) improvements
      Android 12 introduces several improvements to picture-in-picture mode that allow for a smoother, more intuitive user experience.
      No Action.  N/A  
      New phone call notifications allowing for ranking importance of incoming calls
      Android 12 introduces a new notification style for active phone calls.
       No Action.  N/A  
      Enriched image support for notifications
       Apps can now provide animated images in certain types of notifications.
      No Action.
      Qt does not implement Notification API.
      Immersive mode improvements for gesture nav
      Android 12 simplifies immersive mode to make gesture navigation more consistent with user experience during other activities.
      No Action. N/A  
      Phishing detection in messaging apps (Pixel only)
      On supported Pixel devices, Android 12 runs phishing detection on messages received in popular messaging apps.
      No Action. N/A   



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