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QML Slider handle position is not at the right position after value is changed



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    • 6.2.2
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    • macOS Monterey 12.1; MacBook Pro 15' 2017 (with TouchBar)
    • macOS


      After updating MacOS from "Big Sur" to "Monterey 12.1" I noticed strange behavior of Slider. If I'll place two Sliders (QtQuick.Controls) in one file and bind them together bidirectionally with Binding, so first Slider will update value of the second Slider, and other way around, "handle" of controlled slider will jump on position which is not corresponding to position of current value, or start moving synchronously ( same position in controlled Slider and controlling Slider).

      For example- min value is 0.0, max value is 1.0

      first slider value is 1.0 ,

      second slider value is 0.0.

      By moving first slider to the left (towards to 0.0), I am setting second slider value (with Binding) to be moving towards 1.0. And I am expecting "handle" is moving too with current value. But is not.


      I tried to run the same qml file on different MacOS versions and it works like expected, positions of the handles were correct (macOS Catalina and Big Sur). Only on Monterey 12.1 I experienced such behavior.


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