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QNX on Win: unable to compile example with QNX binaries built from sources and installed out of src dir



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    • 5.15.8
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    • Windows10 x64
    • QNX, Windows


      RTA has test which uses online installer to download Qt prebuilt binaries and sources. It will do insource build (qtbase only) with prefix and using one example (gui/analogclock) compiles it on three different ways: with prebuilt binaries, compiled binaries in the source dir and binaries installed to another dir. Test is run with all desktop and mobile targets.

      Fail detected with QNX in Windows, where the example is not getting compiled with the self build binaries that are installed to another location (prebuild binaries and self build binaries inside the source dir works fine).

      Sources in C:/Users/qt/RTA/Qt_5.15.8/5.15.8/Src/

      Configured with (this is armv7, but repoduces with armv8 and x64 as well) (configure summary attached)

       -xplatform qnx-armle-v7-qcc -confirm-license -nomake tests -verbose 
      -release -nomake examples -opengl es2 -no-sql-mysql 
      -Ic:\qnx700\target\qnx7\usr\include\openssl1_1 -commercial -extprefix 

      Compile in C:/Users/qt/RTA/Qt_5.15.8/5.15.8/Src with

      mingw32-make -j8 module-qtbase

      And installed with mingw32-make install in C:/Users/qt/RTA/Qt_5.15.8/5.15.8/Src/qtbase

      (install output attached)

      So, the example is configured with C:\Users\qt\RTA\Qt_5.15.8\5.15.8\Src\qtbase\qmake.exe but not with C:\Users\qt\RTA\make_install\bin\qmake.exe, it will output:

      Project ERROR: Unknown module(s) in QT: core gui


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