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Hungarian (and possibly other) keyboard layout problems



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      There was a similar problem with FakeVim that they have since marked fixed (I haven't tested it yet though). The problem unfortunately is there for the rest of Qt Creator, not just FakeVim, although this time the problem only seems to relate to Ctrl+Alt+<something> keyboard shortcuts.

      Here is a modified version of the description of the FakeVim bug I've also opened, modified such that it applies to the rest of the application:

      In Hungarian keyboards certain special characters need to by typed by Alt-Gr (right alt) + <some key>.
      One example is the opening brace sign ({) which would be AltGr+n
      Certain AltGr+<some key> key combinations execute unwanted Ctrl+Alt+<same key> commands (probably all of them that have Ctrl+Alt shortcuts defined), and ignoring the AltGr combination. The AltGr+n (opening brace) key combination, for instance, instead of writing an opening brace sign, it shows some sort of save dialog. The same thing happens if you press Ctrl+Alt+n. There are also several other Alt+Gr combinations that also trigger different behavior than the expected successful input of the wanted character, all due to their Ctrl+Alt+<key> definitions.
      I haven't tested, but there may be similar problems for other non-US keyboard layouts using Alt+Gr. If so, I believe this is a serious problem for non-US keyboard users.

      Here is a link to the related FakeVim issue: QTCREATORBUG-10236


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