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Rearrangeable items in the Open Documents list, and list spacing should be larger



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      The Open Documents list is by its very nature rather dynamic (i.e. one day you have a set of open documents, then the next day you'll be opening some more documents while closing some other), so the position in this list of a given document keeps moving around (w/r to the other documents in the list), which makes using this list really hard because by the time i get used with the position of a document in the list (and i thus instinctively move the mouse pointer over its position), that position changed as a result of me having opened/closed some other files (the more open documents you have, the more serious this issue becomes, and by the time you have some 10+ open documents it's already really, really annoying and distracting).

      Additionally, the list is currently very tight vertically such that it's a real pain to get the mouse pointer over the item you want.

      So here are a couple of suggestions for improving the ux when using the Open Documents list:

      1) It would be great if i could arrange the position of the documents in the Open Document list as i please (and, sure enough, remember the arrangement between sessions), pretty much as one can drag the tabs of a tabbed editor and move them around w/r to one another, and it would be a real treat if an arrangement that i make would be remembered (up to N documents in a history table) even if i close a file and then re-open it later (i.e. an ordered history list should be remembered cross-session, something like

      {file1, file32, file18, ...}

      and even if i close file32 it will not be deleted from this ordered list for as long as the list doesn't exceed a given [relatively large] size, say 100 entries, such that when i reopen the file it will nicely take its place in the list [more or less] as i set it the last time i had it open)

      2) Add an option to group the items in the list, e.g. group them inside some folder icons, or just add the ability to insert/delete item separators in the list, etc

      3) Increase the vertical spacing between the list items (e.g. by increasing the font, or by simply increasing the row spacing, etc)

      4) Finally, i think it would also be useful to have an icon for each file in the list, with different icons for c/cpp source files, header files, qml, text, .pro, etc, just as you already have in the Projects list (well, actually the same icons are currently used for c/cpp source files, header files, text files, etc, but i'm guessing the "infrastructure" for having different icons is already built in creator because i see the .pro file uses a different icon)


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