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QtCreator dies on startup with std::bad_alloc



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    • Qt Creator 3.1.0-beta
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    • Windows 7, MinGW (the one bundled with Qt5.2.1), 32bit


      It seems it tries to allocate more than 2GB of RAM, which is impossible on 32bit windows. Starting it with -profile to see which plugin is likely to cause the problem gives:

      Starting D:\build-qtcreator-Desktop_Qt_5_2_1_MinGW_32bit-Debug\bin\qtcreator.exe...
      Profiling started
      >loadLibrary           Core                          1ms (       1ms)
      <loadLibrary           Core                       2080ms (    2079ms)
      >loadLibrary           TextEditor                 2081ms (       1ms)
      <loadLibrary           TextEditor                 2304ms (     223ms)
      >loadLibrary           ProjectExplorer            2304ms (       0ms)
      QML debugging is enabled. Only use this in a safe environment.
      <loadLibrary           ProjectExplorer            2706ms (     402ms)
      >loadLibrary           CppTools                   2707ms (       1ms)
      <loadLibrary           CppTools                   2901ms (     194ms)
      >loadLibrary           AnalyzerBase               2901ms (       0ms)
      <loadLibrary           AnalyzerBase               2922ms (      21ms)
      >loadLibrary           QtSupport                  2922ms (       0ms)
      <loadLibrary           QtSupport                  4562ms (    1640ms)
      >loadLibrary           CppEditor                  4562ms (       0ms)
      <loadLibrary           CppEditor                  4695ms (     133ms)
      >loadLibrary           Debugger                   4695ms (       0ms)
      <loadLibrary           Debugger                   5825ms (    1130ms)
      >loadLibrary           ResourceEditor             5825ms (       0ms)
      <loadLibrary           ResourceEditor             5952ms (     127ms)
      >loadLibrary           Designer                   5952ms (       0ms)
      <loadLibrary           Designer                   7675ms (    1723ms)
      >loadLibrary           QmlJSTools                 7675ms (       0ms)
      <loadLibrary           QmlJSTools                 7813ms (     138ms)
      >loadLibrary           QmakeProjectManager        7813ms (       0ms)
      <loadLibrary           QmakeProjectManager        8548ms (     735ms)
      >loadLibrary           Android                    8548ms (       0ms)
      <loadLibrary           Android                    9144ms (     596ms)
      >loadLibrary           VcsBase                    9144ms (       0ms)
      <loadLibrary           VcsBase                    9424ms (     280ms)
      >loadLibrary           Bazaar                     9424ms (       0ms)
      <loadLibrary           Bazaar                     9565ms (     141ms)
      >loadLibrary           DiffEditor                 9566ms (       1ms)
      <loadLibrary           DiffEditor                 9723ms (     157ms)
      >loadLibrary           BinEditor                  9724ms (       1ms)
      <loadLibrary           BinEditor                  9788ms (      64ms)
      >loadLibrary           Bookmarks                  9788ms (       0ms)
      <loadLibrary           Bookmarks                  9849ms (      61ms)
      >loadLibrary           CMakeProjectManager        9849ms (       0ms)
      <loadLibrary           CMakeProjectManager       10088ms (     239ms)
      >loadLibrary           CVS                       10088ms (       0ms)
      <loadLibrary           CVS                       10220ms (     132ms)
      >loadLibrary           ClassView                 10220ms (       0ms)
      <loadLibrary           ClassView                 10317ms (      97ms)
      >loadLibrary           ClearCase                 10317ms (       0ms)
      <loadLibrary           ClearCase                 10522ms (     205ms)
      >loadLibrary           CodePaster                10522ms (       0ms)
      <loadLibrary           CodePaster                10648ms (     126ms)
      >loadLibrary           FakeVim                   10648ms (       0ms)
      <loadLibrary           FakeVim                   10795ms (     147ms)
      >loadLibrary           GLSLEditor                10795ms (       0ms)
      <loadLibrary           GLSLEditor                11025ms (     230ms)
      >loadLibrary           GenericProjectManager     11025ms (       0ms)
      <loadLibrary           GenericProjectManager     11119ms (      94ms)
      >loadLibrary           Git                       11119ms (       0ms)
      <loadLibrary           Git                       11707ms (     588ms)
      >loadLibrary           Help                      11707ms (       0ms)
      <loadLibrary           Help                      12824ms (    1117ms)
      >loadLibrary           ImageViewer               12824ms (       0ms)
      <loadLibrary           ImageViewer               12882ms (      58ms)
      >loadLibrary           Macros                    12882ms (       0ms)
      <loadLibrary           Macros                    12980ms (      98ms)
      >loadLibrary           Mercurial                 12980ms (       0ms)
      <loadLibrary           Mercurial                 13127ms (     147ms)
      >loadLibrary           Perforce                  13127ms (       0ms)
      <loadLibrary           Perforce                  13272ms (     145ms)
      >loadLibrary           PythonEditor              13272ms (       0ms)
      <loadLibrary           PythonEditor              13375ms (     103ms)
      >loadLibrary           QmlJSEditor               13375ms (       0ms)
      <loadLibrary           QmlJSEditor               13956ms (     581ms)
      >loadLibrary           QmlDesigner               13956ms (       0ms)
      This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.
      Please contact the application's support team for more information.
      terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::bad_alloc'
        what():  std::bad_alloc
      The program has unexpectedly finished.
      D:\build-qtcreator-Desktop_Qt_5_2_1_MinGW_32bit-Debug\bin\qtcreator.exe crashed


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