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Problem creating and adding shared library to a project



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    • Qt Creator 4.10.0-beta1
    • Qt Creator 3.4.1
    • Mac OS X 10.10.3 With latest XCode and command line tools

      Based on Qt 5.5.0 (Clang 6.0 (Apple), 64 bit)
      Built on Jun 10 2015 12:39:18
      From revision f77f04e9ca
    • cb63706f83610ebda34f6713b51d4ff61aaa82a5 (qt-creator/qt-creator/master)


      So I did create simple C++ project with qmake and no QT. I was able to build it fine. Now I did try to add another shared library to existing project (I come from Visual Studio) so my main project/executable can link to it. Now after selecting File -> New Project I selected Library - C++ Library. After giving name and location and Type: Shared Library I clicked on next two times. Now I am at Selected Required Modules option and QtCore is selected. Since this is straight C++ project I unchecked QtCore since for this project I did not want ot have any Qt dependency. After finish with wizard I noticed that there is test_global.h and inside there is #include to QtCore/qtglobal.h. Since I did unchecked it in wizard why is it included? I see this only has dll export for windows. Could this be replaced with direct dll import/export? If not should earlier QtCore be check but preventing user from unchecking it? I would prefer to have option to totally bypass Qt dependency so I could also build this project (after converting it to cmake) to build from command line on systems where there is no QT/qmake installed.

      Also something I have noticed when actually going trough share library wizard earlier on. There was option to add to existing project and source control. The option to add to existing project was disabled so I could not click on it. Is that ok? Or should I be able to add it and build dependency should be automatically set?


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