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Qt Creator iostool steals focus from other windows if ios device is in "Connected" state



    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Closed
    • Priority: P1: Critical
    • Resolution: Done
    • Affects Version/s: Qt Creator 3.5.0-beta1, Qt Creator 3.6.0-beta1
    • Fix Version/s: Qt Creator 3.5.0
    • Component/s: iOS Support
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    • Environment:
      OS X 10.10.4
      Qt Creator 3.5.81
      Qt 5.4


      I just built Qt Creator 3.5.81 from source.

      I have two iPhones (both on ios 8.4) connected to the computer, one is a development device that is in the "Ready to Use" state. The other is in a "Connected" state, but is not used for development, so I don't want it to be deployable.

      When a device in the Connected state is plugged in (and continuing until Qt Creator is restarted, my active window frequently loses focus for a few microseconds at a time.

      Perfectly reproducible on my setup. Has no problem if only the development device is connected. My not-from-source Qt Creator (3.3.0) has no problem.

      I wrote a quick python script to determine what was stealing the focus and quantify how often. Output is the number of microseconds since starting and the app who has focus, any time focus is changed.

      1 iTerm
      26 iostool
      34 loginwindow
      35 iTerm
      337 Qt Creator
      518 Google Chrome
      685 iostool
      699 Google Chrome
      1347 iostool
      1361 Google Chrome
      2001 iostool
      2014 Google Chrome
      2662 iostool
      2675 Google Chrome
      3324 iostool
      3338 Google Chrome
      3985 iostool
      4000 Google Chrome
      5454 iostool
      5468 Google Chrome
      6610 iostool
      6624 Google Chrome
      8115 iostool
      8128 Google Chrome
      9102 iostool
      9114 Google Chrome
      9757 iostool
      9772 Google Chrome
      11214 iostool
      11230 Google Chrome
      11875 iostool
      11889 Google Chrome
      12538 iostool
      12559 Google Chrome
      13198 iostool
      13212 Google Chrome
      13854 iostool
      13863 Google Chrome
      14518 iostool
      14531 Google Chrome
      15179 iostool
      15194 Google Chrome
      15833 iostool
      15849 Google Chrome

      (happy to include a longer time period, but this seems to demonstrate the issue.)


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