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Debugger: iOS: Cannot stop debugging on device (without closing QC)



    • Bug
    • Resolution: Cannot Reproduce
    • P2: Important
    • Qt Creator 4.2.1
    • Qt Creator 3.6.0-rc1
    • Debugger, iOS Support
    • OSX 10.10.1, QC 3.6rc snapshot (82cf0e60fb) based on Qt5.5.1, Kit: Qt5.4.1 official release, Xcode 6, lldb 320.4.156


      Steps to reproduce:

      • create Quick Application from template (I've used Qt5.4.1 official release)
      • place a bp into the main.cpp ( QQmlApplicationEngine engine; ) and another inside main.qml ( Qt.quit(); )
      • start debugging
        • 1st bp is hit -> Continue
      • touch 'Hello World' on the device
        • 2nd bp is hit -> Stop

      Expected result:

      • debugger shuts down and QC is in state to start debugging again

      Current result:

      • debugger engine becomes ill
      • all buttons of the debugger toolbar and respective menu items inside the Debug menu are disabled
      • cmdline shows some QTC_ASSERTs
      • using 'Debug' -> 'Abort Debugging' does not help
      • trying to hit the Stop button of Application Output or trying to close the repective tab of the Application Output does not help either

      Note: it seems as if the inferior and the debugger has stopped already but this information has not been given back to QC. The only way to get a usable QC back is to close QC in a normal way and kill the application afterwards (or use Ctrl+C) as it also fails to close at all.


        1. backtrace.log
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        2. cmdline.log
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        3. log_Qt5.5.1_Xcode7.1_QML.log
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        4. log_Qt5.5.1_Xcode7.1.1_CPP.log
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