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Project Tree Structure suggestions w/ CMake Server Mode




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      QtCreator has a lot more info now thanks to CMake server mode, but I get the sense QtCreator has no idea how to display them intuitively.

      Right now it completely clutters navigation. A very fine property the previous system had is that projects resembled 1:1 their folder structure.

      With CMake Server Mode, this gets completely cluttered with meta folders, which makes navigation quite more difficult, and things more confusing.

      These files and meta folders should be somewhere else, or at least it should be possible to toggle the view to resemble the real folder structure of the source code.


      There's no reason to make:


      • Folder1
        • src
          • MyFile.cpp
      • CMake
        • MyModule.cmake

      look like:


      • Folder1
        • Subproject_Name
          • <Source Directory>
            • MyFile.cpp
          • <Build Directory>
      • CMake Modules
        • CMake
          • MyModule.cmake


      The first one resembles what I see on any file browser. The second one resembles nothing and is hard to navigate.


      Note that if I have multiple cloned projects opened from different locations, they will all look like PROJECT_NAME; instead of showing repo_name; which makes harder to identify which one is which.


      This type of view is only useful if troubleshooting project setup & dependencies; but for every day working it's hostile for productivity.

      There is a button in the Project viewer called Filter Tree; which when clicked right now it shows "Simplify Tree" and "Hide Generated Files". The former just flattens everything and groups files by project; the latter doesn't seem to be doing anything.

      Perhaps a 3rd option would be needed, which would make the Tree structure match as closely as possible to the source: Project names cannot act like folders, files from build directories get grouped in a different subgroup at root level (i.e. <Build Directory> but at root level, like right now we have <Headers>)


      The point is to bring back usability again to CMake scripts, because right now, as is; it's a useless mess unless it's a small project (sorry to be this blunt, but I have to make a point).


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