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Broken Run configuration for Baremetal devices


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      Project type: Imported project based on Makefile
      Run configuration: Baremetal device (OpenOCD-based)

      In QtCreator-4.4.1 all works OK, but starting from 4.5.0 and above there are some problems:

      1) When in Project => Build & Run baremetal-based kit is activated, there is a message in terminal:
      No deployment configuration factory found for target id '


      SOFT ASSERT: "rc->id() == id" in file /work/build/qt-creator/src/plugins/projectexplorer/target.cpp, line 603

      2) In Run configuration one with type 'Custom Executable' is visible, instead of 'Custom Executable (on GDB server or hardware debugger)', and that is wrong.

      3) When attempted to add new 'Custom Executable (on GDB server or hardware debugger)' run configuration, there is a message appears:
      SOFT ASSERT: "newRC->id() == id" in file /work/build/qt-creator/src/plugins/projectexplorer/runsettingspropertiespage.cpp, line 252
      QLayout: Attempting to add QLayout "" to BareMetal::Internal::BareMetalCustomRunConfigWidget "", which already has a layout

      4) New configuration has empty name, that is wrong. After closing project and opening it again this configuration disappears from the list (even if renamed before).

      Analysis of <project>.creator.user file shows, that new configuration has:
      a) empty "ProjectExplorer.ProjectConfiguration.DefaultDisplayName" value
      b) empty "ProjectExplorer.ProjectConfiguration.Id" value

      If "ProjectExplorer.ProjectConfiguration.Id" in <project>.creator.user file manually set up to "BareMetal.CustomRunConfig", the configuration works OK after reopening the project


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