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Debugger does not show any debugger views after restart of QtCreator



    • Bug
    • Resolution: Done
    • Not Evaluated
    • Qt Creator 4.7.0
    • Qt Creator 4.6.0 , Qt Creator 4.6.1, Qt Creator 4.6.2
    • Debugger
    • None
    • fails on self builds and packaged from arch
      Qt version 5.11.1
    • Linux/X11
    • cb572773c0f6e6d577e29702c7484ce3f252cdff


      1. move (or remove) the settings folder from .config/QtProject to have a clean start
      2. Start a new project (or use one of yours) for example the "Qt Widgets Application"
      3. hit F5 to run debug
        • the view changes to debugging and you see all the fancy debug windows
      4. stop debugging & close the qtCreator
      5. Start the QtCreator select the previously project from recent Projects
      6. hit F5
        • the view switches to Debug (on the left) but all the fancy debug windows are gone
        • And from here on I found no way on getting them all back, without deleting all settings on each start of the QtCreator
      Partly working workaround, without loosing all settings on each restart

      The "Window->Views->Reset to Default Layout" Selection just partly helps since the debug controls (where I pause, stop, continue) are still missing and I found no way on making them visible

      Some more analysis

      It seems that it has to do with the Qt Version that is used:

        Qt 5.10.1 Qt 5.11.0 Qt 5.11.1 (distributed by Qt) Qt 5.11.1 (distributed by arch linux)
      QtCreator v4.6.0 TODO TODO
      QtCreator v4.6.1 TODO TODO TODO
      QtCreator v4.6.2

      So it seems that it is a problem with the distributed arch Qt package... or the way they build the qtcreator


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