• Bug
    • Resolution: Cannot Reproduce
    • Not Evaluated
    • Qt Creator 13.0.0-rc1
    • Qt Creator 4.5.2, Qt Creator 4.6.2, Qt Creator 4.8.1
    • Debugger
    • None
    • Arch Linux 64 bit,
      Kernel 4.17.2-1-ARCH,
      QtCreator 4.6.2,
      Qt 5.11.1

      Arch Linux 64 bit,
      QtCreator 4.8.1
      Qt 5.12.1

      Ubuntu 18.04
      QtCreator 4.5.2
    • Linux/X11
    • ae9925cdc152ac294787dfaa8bbc18c38464c154 d8c78538a6af184d7ee672173d0a1b285dad4b89


      This Monday, when I started QtCreator (4.6.2) with my CMake project, the debug pane was missing in the debug view (see attached file qtcreator_bug.png). I somehow managed to get back the dialogs that show the stack trace as well as the break points. However, the debug buttons (which used to be above these dialogs) where still missing. Today, when I started up QtCreator, these dialogs are again missing (along with the debug buttons).

      I am using an Antergos Linux. The output of qtdiag is attached in file qtcreator_bug_qtdiag.txt. Messages that are printed out when I start QtCreator with GDB are attached in file qtcreator_bug_gdb.txt.


      Follow up: Sooner or later this happened to me on any QtCreator version that I used at least since QtCreator 4.6.2.


        1. image-2019-02-14-09-53-18-498.png
          192 kB
          Dominik Neudert-Schulz
        2. image-2019-02-14-09-54-42-157.png
          81 kB
          Dominik Neudert-Schulz
        3. image-2019-02-14-09-55-38-245.png
          179 kB
          Dominik Neudert-Schulz
        4. qtcreator_bug_gdb.txt
          3 kB
          Dominik Neudert-Schulz
        5. qtcreator_bug_plugins.png
          170 kB
          Dominik Neudert-Schulz
        6. qtcreator_bug_qtdiag.txt
          6 kB
          Dominik Neudert-Schulz
        7. qtcreator_bug.png
          194 kB
          Dominik Neudert-Schulz
        8. qtcreator-4.5.2-no_debug_controls.png.bmp
          1.71 MB
          Pyarelal Knowles

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