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F2 works but Ctrl-Click not for invalid code



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    • Qt Creator 4.9.0-beta2
    • Qt Creator 4.8.0-rc1, Qt Creator 4.8.0, Qt Creator 4.9.0-beta1
    • C/C++/Obj-C++ Support
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    • Linux/X11
    • 0a3aa12962e47db2421ad09d149118b920e404c8 (qt-creator/qt-creator/4.9)


      Qt Creator works with Linux kernel source tree much better when built with LLVM/Clang libraries version 6.0 instead of version 7.0. Originally I found this when trying to use Qt Creator from Fedora 29 repositories: RHBZ #1655852, but starting with Qt Creator 4.8, this also affects official builds.

      I tested following versions so far:

      • Qt Creator 4.7.2, official binary (LLVM libs 6.0) - good.
      • Qt Creator 4.7.2, Fedora RPM (LLVM libs 7.0) - bad.
      • Qt Creator 4.7.2, manually built with LLVM libs 6.0 - good.
      • Qt Creator 4.8.0-rc1, official binary (LLVM libs 7.0) - bad, see attached qtcreator-kernel-bad.origbin.png.
      • Qt Creator 4.8.0-rc1, Fedora RPM (LLVM libs 7.0) - bad, see attached qtcreator-kernel-bad.png.
      • Qt Creator 4.8.0-rc1, manually built with LLVM libs 6.0 - good, see attached qtcreator-kernel-good.png.

      Information from original bug report for Fedora:

      How reproducible:

      Steps to Reproduce:
      1. Clone Linux kernel git repository (for example, from https://github.com/torvalds/linux/)
      2. git checkout 0072a0c14d5b7cb72c611d396f143f5dcd73ebe2 # to reproduce this precisely
      2.1. make defconfing && make # among other things, this generates some header files
      3. In Qt Creator, open "File" -> "New File or Project"
      4. Choose "Import Project" template
      5. Choose "Import Existing Project"
      6. Press "Choose..."
      7. Set some project name (like "linux-kernel"), point "Location" to the git-cloned kernel source tree
      8. Press "Next"
      9. Press "Next" again in file selection dialog
      10. Set "Add to version control" to "<None>"
      11. Press "Finish"
      12. In $PROJECT_NAME.includes remove everything and then add:
      13. In $PROJECT_NAME.config add:
      #include "linux/kconfig.h"
      #define _KERNEL_ 1
      14. Wait until Qt Creator finishes parsing the source code. It is slow... Progress bar is at bottom right.
      15. Using left panel, open "drivers/scsi/hpsa.c"
      16. Find first occurrence of "dma_map_single"
      17. Hold "Ctrl" and try left click on "dma_map_single"

      Actual results:
      Nothing happens.

      Expected results:
      Qt Creator should open another file and jump to definition of "dma_map_single".




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