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QtCreator hangs when trying to debug using GDB and pretty printers



    • Bug
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    • Qt Creator 4.11.0-beta1
    • Qt Creator 4.9.2
    • Debugger
    • Manjaro Linux (KDE desktop environment) (Arch Linux)
      CPU: Ryzen 5 1600
      Memory: 8GB
      All software installed via pacman, ArchLinux's package manager.
    • Linux/X11
    • 3e2e0c6edc3bde3538106b27eb270dff776b826f


      When using QtCreator to debug any CMake project using GDB, and when the option "Load system GDB pretty printers" is turned on, GDB will rapidly increase its RAM usage.

      This results in the debugger hanging, indefinite loading of the local variables and eventually system shutdown because of lack of RAM.

      When the specific option is turned off, debugging works as expected.

      After testing, GDB version does not matter, nor does using a different debugger like LLDB change anything (in fact, the issue is worse with LLDB as the hang happens every time!).


      Steps to reproduce:

      1) Create a non-qt normal C++ project.

      2) Set a breakpoint anywhere in the program

      3) Enable the option "Load system GDB pretty printers"

      (Tools > Options > Debugger > GDB >)

      4) Switch to the Debug build configuration

      5) Start debugging

      6) Observe as GDB RAM usage goes up, and eventually crashes the system


      There are some screenshots of what happens during the wait for GDB to respond. First is the indefinite loading of locals when the debugging session has started. The second is a popup telling the user that GDB has not responded in 40 seconds.


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