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Debugger fails to start lldb with XCode 11.0



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    • Qt Creator 4.10.1
    • Qt Creator 4.10.0
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    • macOS 10.14.6
      XCode 11.0
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      When using the version of LLDB that ships with XCode 11.0, QtCreator fails to start the debugger. It appears to hang with the message "Setting up inferior...". Using the LLDB from an earlier version, XCode 9.4.1, still works, so this appears to be something that changed between those two versions of XCode.


      I'm getting an error message at the moment when I try to attach a file to this bug report, so I'm copying and pasting the contents of my debug log below. Sorry in advance for the wall of text!

      wNote: This log contains possibly confidential information about your machine, environment variables, in-memory data of the processes you are debugging, and more. It is never transferred over the internet by Qt Creator, and only stored to disk if you manually use the respective option from the context menu, or through mechanisms that are not under the control of Qt Creator's Debugger plugin, for instance in swap files, or other plugins you might use.

      wYou may be asked to share the contents of this log when reporting bugs related to debugger operation. In this case, make sure your submission does not contain data you do not want to or you are not allowed to share.


      dStart parameters: 'Raytracer2' mode: 1

      dABI: x86-darwin-generic-mach_o-64bit

      dLanguages: c++

      dExecutable: /Users/vilya/Code/Raytracer/build-debug/Raytracer

      dDirectory: /Users/vilya/Code/Raytracer/build-debug

      dDebugger: /Applications/Xcode.app/Contents/Developer/usr/bin/lldb

      dProject: /Users/vilya/Code/Raytracer

      dAdditional Search Directories:


      dDebug Source Location:

      dDebugger settings:

      dAdditionalArguments: (default: )

      dAdjustBreakpointLocations: true (default: true)

      dAllPluginBreakpoints: true (default: true)

      dAlwaysAdjustColumnWidths: true (default: true)

      dAutoDerefPointers: false (default: true) ***

      dAutoEnrichParameters: true (default: true)

      dAutoQuit: false (default: false)

      dBreakEvent: (default: )

      dBreakOnAbort: false (default: false)

      dBreakOnCatch: false (default: false)

      dBreakOnCrtDbgReport: false (default: false)

      dBreakOnFatal: false (default: false)

      dBreakOnThrow: false (default: false)

      dBreakOnWarning: false (default: false)

      dBreakpointCorrection: true (default: true)

      dBreakpointsFullPath: false (default: false)

      dCDB_Console: false (default: false)

      dCloseBuffersOnExit: false (default: false)

      dCloseMemoryBuffersOnExit: true (default: true)

      dDisplayStringLimit: 100 (default: 100)

      dEnableReverseDebugging: false (default: false)

      dExtraDumperFile: (default: )

      dFirstChanceExceptionTaskEntry: true (default: true)

      dFontSizeFollowsEditor: true (default: false) ***

      dGdbCustomDumperCommands: (default: )

      dGdbPostAttachCommands: (default: )

      dGdbStartupCommands: (default: )

      dIdentifyDebugInfoPackages: false (default: false)

      dIgnoreFirstChanceAccessViolation: false (default: false)

      dIntelFlavor: false (default: false)

      dLoadGdbDumpers2: false (default: false)

      dLoadGdbInit: true (default: true)

      dLogTimeStamps: false (default: false)

      dMaximalStackDepth: 20 (default: 20)

      dMaximalStringLength: 10000 (default: 10000)

      dMultiInferior: false (default: false)

      dNoPluginBreakpoints: false (default: false)

      dQmlInspector.ShowAppOnTop: false (default: false)

      dRaiseOnInterrupt: true (default: true)

      dSecondChanceExceptionTaskEntry: true (default: true)

      dSelectedPluginBreakpoints: false (default: false)

      dSelectedPluginBreakpointsPattern: .* (default: .*)

      dShowQObjectNames2: true (default: true)

      dShowQmlObjectTree: true (default: true)

      dShowQtNamespace: true (default: true)

      dShowStandardNamespace: true (default: true)

      dShowThreadNames: false (default: false)

      dSkipKnownFrames: false (default: false)

      dSortStructMembers: true (default: true)

      dSourcePaths: (default: )

      dStationaryEditorWhileStepping: false (default: false)

      dSwitchModeOnExit: false (default: false)

      dSymbolPaths: (default: )

      dTargetAsync: false (default: false)

      dUseAddressInBreakpointsView: false (default: false)

      dUseAddressInStackView: false (default: false)

      dUseAlternatingRowColours: true (default: false) ***

      dUseCodeModel: true (default: true)

      dUseDebuggingHelper: true (default: true)

      dUseDynamicType: true (default: true)

      dUseMessageBoxForSignals: true (default: true)

      dUsePythonDumper: true (default: true)

      dUseToolTips: true (default: true)

      dUseToolTipsInBreakpointsView: false (default: false)

      dUseToolTipsInLocalsView: false (default: false)

      dUseToolTipsInStackView: true (default: true)

      dWarnOnReleaseBuilds: true (default: true)

      dWatchdogTimeout: 20 (default: 20)

      dState changed from DebuggerNotReady(0) to EngineSetupRequested(1)


      dSTARTING LLDB: /Applications/Xcode.app/Contents/Developer/usr/bin/lldb

      eERROR: Lldb stderr: error: module importing failed: invalid pathname

      Setting up inferior...


      <16setupInferior({"attachpid":0,"breakonmain":0,<environment suppressed>,"executable":"/Users/vilya/Code/Raytracer/build-debug/Raytracer","nativemixed":0,"platform":"","processargs":"","remotechannel":"","startmode":1,"sysroot":"","token":16,"useterminal":0,"workingdirectory":"/Users/vilya/Code/Raytracer/build-debug"})

      >(lldb) script sys.path.insert(1, '/Users/vilya/Qt/Qt Creator.app/Contents/Resources/debugger/')

      >(lldb) script from lldbbridge import *

      >Traceback (most recent call last):

      > File "<input>", line 1, in <module>

      > File "/Users/vilya/Qt/Qt Creator.app/Contents/Resources/debugger/lldbbridge.py", line 1912

      > print message

      > ^

      >SyntaxError: Missing parentheses in call to 'print'. Did you mean print(message)?

      >(lldb) script theDumper.loadDumpers({"token":15})

      >Traceback (most recent call last):

      > File "<input>", line 1, in <module>

      >NameError: name 'theDumper' is not defined

      >(lldb) script theDumper.setupInferior({"attachpid":0,"breakonmain":0,"environment":["4170706c655f5075625375625f536f636b65745f52656e6465723d2f707269766174652f746d702f636f6d2e6170706c652e6c61756e6368642e386471374c6e316f37792f52656e646572","484f4d453d2f55736572732f76696c7961","4c4f474e414d453d76696c7961","504154483d2f7573722f62696e3a2f62696e3a2f7573722f7362696e3a2f7362696e","51544449523d2f55736572732f76696c79612f51742f352e31322e302f636c616e675f3634","5348454c4c3d2f62696e2f62617368","5353485f415554485f534f434b3d2f707269766174652f746d702f636f6d2e6170706c652e6c61756e6368642e546c4873577a5966614f2f4c697374656e657273","544d504449523d2f7661722f666f6c646572732f76792f7079745f7a6478733637765f6863663771766e3173766d77303030307a742f542f","555345523d76696c7961","5850435f464c4147533d307830","5850435f534552564943455f4e414d453d6f72672e71742d70726f6a6563742e717463726561746f722e3537303634","5f5f43465f555345525f544558545f454e434f44494e473d30783346413a3078303a307832"],"executable":"/Users/vilya/Code/Raytracer/build-debug/Raytracer","nativemixed":0,"platform":"","processargs":"","remotechannel":"","startmode":1,"sysroot":"","token":16,"useterminal":0,"workingdirectory":"/Users/vilya/Code/Raytracer/build-debug"})

      >Traceback (most recent call last):

      > File "<input>", line 1, in <module>

      >NameError: name 'theDumper' is not defined



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