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Deploying to QNX fails since it is unable to find any of the commands



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    • Qt Creator 4.12.0-beta1
    • QNX Support
    • Windows host


      Deploying to QNX fails since it is unable to find any of the commands. When trying to deploy it fails with:

      Device Test:
      Connecting to host...
      Checking kernel version...
      uname failed: sh: uname: cannot execute - No such file or directory
      Checking if specified ports are available...
      All specified ports are available.
      Checking whether an SFTP connection can be set up...
      SFTP service available.
      Checking whether rsync works...
      Failed to start rsync: Process failed to start: The system cannot find the
      file specified.
      SFTP will be used for deployment, because rsync is not available.
      Checking that files can be created in /var/run...
      Files can be created in /var/run.
      Checking for awk...
      awk not found.
      Checking for cat...
      cat not found.
      Checking for cut...
      cut not found.
      Checking for df...
      df not found.
      Checking for grep...
      grep not found.
      Checking for kill...
      kill found.
      Checking for netstat...
      netstat not found.
      Checking for mkdir...
      mkdir not found.
      Checking for print...
      print found.
      Checking for printf...
      printf not found.
      Checking for ps...
      ps not found.
      Checking for read...
      read found.
      Checking for rm...
      rm found.
      Checking for sed...
      sed not found.
      Checking for sleep...
      sleep not found.
      Checking for tail...
      tail not found.
      Checking for uname...
      uname not found.
      Device test failed.

      It is working fine when using Putty to connect to the device with the same SSH key. This is reproduced with the snapshot of Qt Creator - https://download.qt.io/snapshots/qtcreator/4.12/4.12.0-beta1/256/


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