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      Hello all!

      I code on wider screen with panes containing header files and source files side by side. This is fine but I think some features would really help this workflow

      • I right click on a method in the header to create the method implementation. it will then change the current pane to the .cpp file.
      • I am in the source pane and I jump to definition. It will then change the current pane to the header.
      • A break point will change whichever pane is selected to the file with the break point that is hit

      What I think would be nice is to have an option where it opens the header and source side by side and is kept side-by-side. To address the first two:

      • Using the refactorer to make a method body would switch from the header pane to the source pane and not change the the currently selected pane to the .cpp file
      • Jumping to definitions will also change selected pane as opposed to switching the current pane's open file

      I can think of two nice implementation for this (that can co-exist):

      1. Automatically open header and source files together
      2. When jumping to a file or specific part of a file, check all panes to see if the file is already open. If it is, switch to that pane instead of changing the current pane.

      This would be a setting that can be enabled or disabled (no one likes workflows imposed upon them!), 1. in the same place that you can add horizontal or vertical panes, and 2. in settings.

      My point about hitting break points would be improved by both 1. and 2. together


      If either of these suggestions already exist or if there is already a ticket about them, I apologise for your wasted time!


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