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QT Creator does not open QML edit mode



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    • Qt Creator 4.15.0
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    • Windows 10 (64bits)

      GPU AMD Rx580 - 8Gb

      CPU Ryzen 53600

      32Gb RAM
    • Windows


      Hi all,

      (See https://bugreports.qt.io/projects/QTBUG/issues/QTBUG-94345 for the original report, from which I extracted this report.)

      Second, QT Creator does not open QML files at all any version below or above 5 it simply return me a error message: Qt Quick emulation layer crashed (line1) and won't let me edit the forms or anything in designer mode. 

      Steps to reproduce: Open Qt Creator > file > new > Application (Qt for Python) Qt for python Quick application > choose...set a name > next > next etc.. then finally choose Design it loads hangs for some seconds and nothing. 

      Interesting is that if i do a CTRL + R to preview it builds and the window pop-ups normally but i can't edit or do anything.

      Now what is intriguing me is, second error is happening only on my main PC which the rig is as follows: 

      Windows 10 (64bits)

      GPU AMD Rx580 - 8Gb

      CPU Ryzen 53600

      32Gb RAM

      On my laptop the second error does not happen i can edit my QML's okay-ish but it is not ideal due to the fact screen is too small.

      I have tried some work around found here to set up the environment to GL=software but not deal still crashing on me. 

      Final note, please do not tell me that I'll need to buy a new GPU to work with QT 'cause ofc I'll not do it. if so, I'd rather give up to use QT on my projects tho.

      If it is lacking of some info let me know!





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