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Form resize in form editor does not flag .ui file as modified



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    • Qt Creator 4.14.0
    • Qt Creator 4.15.0
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    • Creator 4.14.0, Windows 10 64-bit
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      In the UI editor in Creator, if the form being edited is resized by dragging the resize handles, it does not mark the .ui file as modified.

      As a consequence, if the file is saved, and then the form is resized, and that is the only change made, the following kinds of things can happen (examples):

      • Saving the file will not save the file.
      • Running the project (assuming save-before-run is enabled) will not cause the file to be saved and the change will not be reflected on run.
      • Closing the file or Quitting Creator will not prompt to save changes and the resize will be lost.

      Steps to reproduce:

      In Creator:

      1. Create a form and open it in the UI editor.
      2. Save the file.
      3. Resize the form by dragging the resize handles, without making any other changes.
      4. Run the project.

      Expected after 3: The "modified" asterisk appears after the .ui filename in the title bar, and the file is marked as modified.
      Expected after 4: When the application runs, the form is displayed with the new size.

      Actual after 3: There is no asterisk and the file is not marked as modified.
      Actual after 4: When the application runs, the form is displayed with the old size.


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