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Dialog window for widget promotion needs usability improvement in regards to PySide



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      PySide has been an official part of Qt for several years now. Current version of Qt Creator even offers the option of working on a standalone Qt Python project as seen in the New Project Wizard.

      This suggestion is aiming to improve the usability of the Promote to dialog window in Qt Designer by introducing a minor change to the text in the Header file label as well as the header of the column with the same name in the table Promoted Classes. I propose for it to become Header file/Python module.

      While Qt Creator (and Designer) has come along quite a bit lately in regards to the official support of PySide it still needs more work. Having to enter a Header file for a UI form that is used in a Python project is very confusing especially to non-C++ people. It took me some  time by searching online and analyzing the generated Python module (using `pyside2-uic`) to figure out that the content of the line edit for the header file is a direct copy-paste for the name of the module, where the promotion class is coming from (had I done this before in C++ it would have probably been more obvious).

      I created a QWidget, which I then promoted to a QVideoWidget (which is missing as a widget from the palette of available components that can be dragged and dropped onto the form in Qt Designer). Since the UI file will be used for a Python module using PySide2 I found out that I had to put PySide2.QtMultimediaWidgets so that the generator created the entry from PySide2.QtMultimediaWidgets import QVideoWidget. *Here the notation that a *header file needs to be entered into the field is confusing since it considers only the C++ scenario.



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