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The handling of multiple Android NDKs remains confusing and awkward to use



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      We now have the possibility to select an NDK as the default, whereas before it required editing the JSON file. But there's a couple of problems with this, still:

      1. Switching the default NDK changes the NDK used in existing kits. This is super-weird, and disturbs attempts to configure different projects with different NDK versions. It's quite plausible that a particular project needs a particular NDK, and doesn't want to switch to a newer one.
      2. e show the compilers etc. for a particular kit so that they are the compiler for the (currently the default) selected version. These can't be changed, which is again odd; I should be able to change a compiler in an Android kit even if it was configured based on an NDK selection.
      3. All in all, we have a weird limitation of One NDK Only, and it's more dynamically connected to the kits than makes sense, at least to me.

      I would expect to be able to create a kit per NDK. And even if I do that, I would expect to be able to change the individual compilers in such a kit. A "default" NDK selection should affect only new kits I create, not existing kits I already created before.


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