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Qt Help corrupted when using two custom qch files sharing same virtualFolder



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      Hello, I am using qhelpgenerator and doxygen to generate .qch files for my C++ projects. I load those into QtCreator using Options, Tools, Help, Documentation, Add.

      I see a weird TOC corruption effect when loading two of these qch files in parallel.

      If I just load the first one, I can check the webpage well, see images below.

      If now load the second one via Tools, then parts of the TOC seem to get corrupted. It randomly shows me the contents of the first one even when selecting (double-clicking) on the left the Modules of the second one, the wrong modules appear, namely from the first one. See screenshot below.

      If I load the two qch files in reverse order, then the opposite happens! It's showing me the first one if there is a title matching it when I double click on the second. Even if the namespaces are totally different. This is because they share the same virtual folder.

      Also: If I double-click on Namespace, an empty file is opened in my text editor with a weird name.


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