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[REG 6.0.2 -> 7.0.0] CMake version imported to temporary kit named "CMake 0.0.0"



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      1. In a terminal, add qmake and cmake to PATH.
        I have my self-built Qt 6.2.3 and CMake 3.21.1 from Qt's online installer:
        qtrob@rob-desktop:~$ which qmake; which cmake
      2. Start Creator with empty settings, e.g. using the parameter "-tcs".
        It will automatically create a kit using the Qt version and CMake from step 1.
      3. Create and build a new Qt Widgets Application project using Creator's wizard. Select CMake as build system and use defaults.
      4. Close Creator.
      5. Have a terminal which has different qmake and cmake versions in PATH:
        qtrob@rob-desktop:~$ which qmake; which cmake
      6. Start Creator with empty settings, e.g. using the parameter "-tcs".
      7. Open the project you created in step 3.
        You'll see a message box that no valid settings file could be found.
      8. Click "OK".
        You get to the "Configure Project" screen. Creator correctly detected the Qt and CMake previously used for building the project and created a temporary kit using those.
      9. Click the "Manage..." button for the temporary kit.
      10. Select the temporary kit.
        It claims to use CMake 0.0.0 which is obviously an incorrect version.

      Please note that the paths to Qt and CMake in the temporary kit are absolutely correct, so all needed information seems to be available. Creator just fails at assigning the right name to CMake. In Creator 6.0.2 this worked correctly.


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